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At present, there are still many people who prefer using Windows 10 Pro than upgrading to Windows 11. When an operating system already has everything necessary for one to work with, there is little to no reason for upgrade. As a matter of fact, some users consider Windows 10 Pro as the best version Microsoft has ever made and hence they are reluctant to replace it with the latest version.

Still, just like any other Windows versions ever released by Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro isnt completely without problems. There have been a lot of issues and some of them have affected many userss experiences significantly in using the operating system.
Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser in Windows 10 Pro offering a simple yet sleek interface alongside a slew of features that makes browsing the web feels much more convenient than when you use Internet Explorer. It is built based on the engine that powers Google Chrome browser and yet many users believe that Microsoft Edge is faster and lighter.

Despite being an older version, Windows 10 Pro has an arguably better Start Menu than Windows 11. It might look less beautiful but it is more functional. The fact that there are plenty tutorials on how to relocate the start menu to the left of the taskbar in Windows 11 is enough of a proof that new design isnt always better than the old one, especially if the changes is too different from the past version.

There are at least two features in Windows 10 Pro that can save your eyes. The first one is dark theme that takes effect nearly everywhere including File Explorer. The second is Night Light. While the dark theme can protect your eyes from being blinded by the bright color of the light theme, the Night Light reduces the blue light which is believed to be a prominent factor in harming ones sight.

Another mundane feature yet so helpful is the Quick Access section in File Explorer. The files that you were last working on are listed there automatically by Windows, so you can resume whatever you were working on quickly. However, while there are users who find this useful, there also others who considers it as a privacy risk and therefore disable it.

The clipboard manager, the one that has been revamped, is extremely useful in copying and pasting items. It stores the history of copied items. When you need to paste the same item, instead of searching it and copying it again, you can just pick it up from the history. Better yet, the clipboard content can be synced across your computers via the cloud. For users who copy paste text a lot, this feature alone would be a great boost to productivity.

Windows 10 Pro ISO Free Download
Windows 10 Pro is jam-packed with tons of features that are not only very useful but also easy to use. And there are still advanced features that power users can utilize to do certain tasks even more efficiently. All in all, Windows 10 Pro fits both casual and power users. You can click the link below to download Windows 10

Link :
Download Windows 10 : https://docste.com/download-windows-10-iso
Create USB Bootable : https://docste.com/create-bootable-usb-drive-of-windows-10-and-11-using-rufus
Download Windows 10, 13.04.2024 11:27:51
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But thats not all! With VisionizeAI, you get:

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